Meet my Teachers on Teachers Day

On this teacher's day, apart from my school and college teachers, three professional life mentors sparkle in my mind. Common traits between them being workaholic, dedicated to their missions, starting work very early in the day, both serious and with a great sense of humour, sharp memories, and of course with a large following. dr sohail akhtar teachers dayLate Prof F. U. Baqai, my first boss in career. An untiring person, who laid down an empire from scratch, against expectations of many sceptics. Very witty when it comes to a friendly gathering, hospitality prone, posessing great memory. Provided foundation and launching pad to thousands of young and old doctors. Prof Adibul Hassan Rizvi, an icon, a mega institution in himself, what and how to describe him, impossible! A giant personality, yet humble to the core when you visit him or meet in person. Joined him as a novice in difficult field of transplantation, but found a sea of learning opportunities. Adib saheb made it possible whatever the world sees in SIUT primarily by his own dedication, sacrifices and leading from front. dr sohail akhtar teahcer Dr Abdul Majeed Memon, pulmonologist, unmatched when it comes to combining professional excellence and human-friendly medicine. I haven't seen many men more pious than him, always had life hereafter in his mind be it day to day life or profession. Spent equal or more time in solving personal problems than medical, counselor par excellence. Extremely soft spoken, always smiling, always having a story to narrate, talking you along him by 'yes, of course, true' even when you have an opposite view, until you find yourself on his side without realising or feeling let down!! May Allah bless them and spread the light they have lit, and fulfill their dreams and give me at least a fraction of their greatness, Ameen.